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Noutate 30 / 31.05.2011

Work visit of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board experts


During the period 30 may – 3 June 2011, the Main State Tax Inspectorate (MSTI) will host the representatives of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board (ETCB): Mrs. Monika Jõesaar and Mr. dl Rando Undrus – experts in tax audit.

The visit will begin with the meeting with the top management of the MSTI, during which the topics of the coming seminars will be discussed. Thus, during one week the delegates will organize workshops with specialists in tax audit, tax administration methodology, as well in IT.

At the same time, will be held discussions regarding the current tax audit, principles and tax audit steps, as well the taxpayer registration process, pre- and post-auditsregistration, risk assessment in these audits.

The meetings will end with conclusions and proposals on discussed subjects.